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Minnesotano Media Empowerment Project

Minnesota Media Empowerment Project

Digital Television Transition: Got the Box?

The Minnesotano Media Empowerment Project (MnMEP) is proud to be conducting educational outreach on DTV with Main Street Project (MSP) and the People Escaping Poverty Project (PEPP) as a part of the Leadership Conference on Civil Right's DTV Outreach & Training Campaign.

We will be serving as one of the Minnesota DTV Technical Assistance Centers alongside MSP and PEPP (Moorhead). We will work together with our partners in providing training, outreach and education to the communities that will be most disproportionately impacted by the transition. The tech center will be open beginning January 14th and will have someone available to answer your questions everyday between the hours of 3pm to 5pm.

DTV Tech Assistance Center
Monday thru Friday
3pm to 5pm

For questions, trainings or materials call (612) 626-5357 or email:


MnMEP esta orgulloso de participar en una campaña de educacion sobre DTV con las organizaciones Main Street Project y People Escaping Poverty Proejct. Nosotros serviremos como uno de los Centros de Asistencia Tecnica sobre DTV. Este centro comenzara a operar el 14 de Enero y alguien estara disponible para responder a sus preguntas entre las horas de 3pm a 5pm.

Centro de Asistencia Tecnica para DTVDTV Tech Assistance Center
Lunes a Viernes
3pm a 5pm

DTV viene a Minnesota el 17 de Febrero 2009


The Media Empowerment Report: An Analysis of Minnesota Newspapers' Portrayal of Latinos in 2006 (PDF)

This report is a content analysis of twenty newsapers across Minnesota and tracked the number of stories related to the Latino community over a period of two and a half months, from October 2nd to December 15th in 2006. Stories were coded for the following variables: # of Latino related stories, type of focus, type of topics, type of Latino and non-Latinos mentioned or quoted, and types of derogatory labels.